Wednesday, August 5, 2015

We're Back with Family Guy : Season Three

It feels so theoretical -- taking the crazy situations of the Griffin family to vile "what if?" extremities ... it's all down and dirty from here -- 

22 Episodes
Aired: 2001 FOX

Ah, it feels so great to walk in them old shoes. This summer has been all about conquering new shows that i could've only dreamed of watching. From Buffy to Call Girl, gaining perspectives beyond the trailer confirms your previewing impressions. Family Guy Season Three had a fine start at a picnic. I could've sworn that Mr. Weed hosted a picnic before.. 

The Griffins, like most cartoon families nowadays, are known for their crazy lives in ordinary towns. This time, Peter learns that Chris has a larger dick than his, Stewie has a thing for "sexy parties," Brian is addicted, Meg.. has boy problems, Chris stays dumbfounded, and Lois becomes Jackie Chan-ified. 
Most of the episodes have this in common: the Griffins get everything to their heads. I'm not gonna explain, go see for yourself.

As for comedy, it's at a Simpsons level-- here and there, now and later. The episodes still entertain and may be satirizing religions. References are mainly American Beauty (yes!!) , The Sound of Music, and Star Trek. You're welcome. 
Finally, there's more implied sex between Mr. and Mrs. Griffin and there are more prostitutes and the introduced nudist family. 

And Stewie cries on-camera for the first time .. 

It's not for laughing, but the allusions are clever skits. 
Grade: 6.8
Should I get back to my foreign dramas? Stay refreshed and hydrated. Until next week or earlier ,