Saturday, August 1, 2015

Twin Peaks -- It's All in the Finale

Pretty girl in plastic. How lovely ~
8 Episodes
Premise: 1.5 hours 
Duration of 45 mins per ep
Aired: 1990 ABC

Laura Palmer's body is wrapped in plastic and stranded on a shoreline. FBI Special Agent Cooper and Twin Peaks sheriff team up to uncover this mystery. Meanwhile, Josie Packard faces demands to sell the industrious land of the Packard Mills . Adding to this, the typical romances of high school students. 

I started watching this season because of the small number of episodes and for curiosity. What could be so special about a show that is basically an adult-oriented Pretty Little Liars or another of the sort? It is definitely a weird premise of a seemingly quaint small town. From music that's so "Take My Breath Away" inspired. Yeah, I dread the 2:30 opening sequence and the constant background instrumental. There's so little to focus in scenes... very plain acting, I tell you. The only scene that keeps your attention is kissing or random dancy skits, as Bobby does on his way to the principal's. The characters divide into two categories: greedy and wanting self benefits or protective and loyal to friends.. or family. As for the detectiveship, Cooper may as well be half a psychic's wit. Leo Johnson -- I don't think he was involved with Laura's death. If he had intents to kill someone, it'd be either his cheating wife, Shelly, or her lover, Bobby, or even better, both?

The town has given me an impression of lots of innocents . There are way too many folks one can automatically eliminate- the fisherman, Josie, the Mantrells. How did I begin to suspect someone? The finale. Mr. Leland Palmer suffocates Jacques Renault to death. Now all I need is motive. The only ones capable of killing would be Mr. Palmer, Leo Johnson, maybe Bobby, but I doubt it.

Each episode opens with a "Previously" and cuts to fade-ins of the mills as well as the cast. Do you want to know hoe many minutes of most episodes are worth watching? 20-30 minutes.

Doughnuts and "a damn fine cup of coffee" beats most of this season.
Preferred Watching Sequence: 
1, 3, 7-8

I'm gonna go finish reading The Kite Runner . Until next time ~~
--5.7 -6