Saturday, March 1, 2014

My Love From Another/the Star

21 Episodes + 2 minute epilogue
Romance| Fantasy| Comedy
Aired: 2013 SBS

Wow, a week and a half was the rewatch of this hit a year ago. 
I'm going to congratulate myself ~ by trying to make an exceptional batch of mochi. I'll take pics when that happens.

Now, after this marathon, was this drama still beloved in my eyes? 

An alien has lived on Earth for 400 years and leaves in 3 months. Stoic and diligent, Do Min Joon finds himself drawn to a top Hallyu star because of a doppelganger connection. 

Today, there are doppelgangers and folks who are actually trying to find their doppelganger. One thing's for sure (even TVD shows this, too):
Identical people will not share the same psych. 
Do Min Joon realizes this after meeting his penthouse neighbor, Cheon Song Yi, Hallyu star (with voice actress capabilities and Hanglish)
Now reflecting, I haven't come to admiring the couple, but I do have one fandom that I believe in , firmly. 

The possible Gallavich couple! The series also features an antagonist , a man of many crimes and frauds, who will stop at nothing to rid his obstacles. It's rather pitiful-- so many arrangements for injections, drug providers, appointments, etc. At least Do Min Joon has the most sexual tension with this business heir, Jae Kyeong. 

Speaking of relationships, the show keeps its feet on the idea that love goes beyond limits. Except, of course, Do Min Joon and Song Yi will hold the world / universal record of most distant relationship. The show has taught me something else about love and so follows the line:

[Love] is cruel and vicious to those who do not believe.

During my second time watching, I was bored by the first six episodes and the writers kept throwing onto the cake, along with tons of loopholes. I'm not one to ask questions,  but you will understand if you're able to revert your eyes to DMJ's existence or Cheon Song Yi's rocky short-term memory or something. 
I'd suggest to start at Episode 7. 

Comedy is cute . After all, these two star-crossed lovers are turned off at first, but slowly depends on each other and enjoying the company. 
It seems that Do Min Joon teaches us all that an infatuation fades out if you start a romantic relation. I mean, the dude was obsessed with a widowed 15-year old during the Joseon Period. I love when they travel together, but then I remember that he seems to act as if he were "more than friends" with her... you know, physical contact and the like. 

So many dizzying flashbacks, stares, disbelief, and mankind suddenly believing in magic because it makes sense. 

The acting is beyond magnificence, but that's not enough to mask the realism that should be happening- - hint:: detective prosecutor! How the hell did you spot DMJ's little head within seconds on a CCTV tape? 
Lots of crying - especially the princess and DMJ. 

I didn't enjoy this drama because of the heavy romance. 


How the hell did you get a huge-ass rock on you?? 


Genres: Melodrama, Fantasy/ Scifi Romance, Comedy (just a tad), Mystery/ Suspense
The Everything Drama
21 episodes (originally 20, but was extended by Two episodes due to VIEWER DEMAND)

About: source: Wikipedia
Do Min-joon is an alien that landed on Earth in the year 1609 during the Joseon Dynasty. As his spaceship is broken, he is stranded on the planet for the next four centuries. He possesses a near-perfect appearance, enhanced physical abilities involving his vision, hearing and speed, and a cynical, jaded view regarding human beings. He meets a young girl whom he saves from death, but later on she gives her life saving him.
As time goes by, Min-joon is forced to take on a new identity every ten years, as his human appearance never ages.
In the present he works as a college professor and finds out that due to a comet coming in three months, he will be able to return to his home planet. In the meantime he accidentally meets famous actress Cheon Song-yi, the biggest Hallyu star in Korea, when she moves in next door to his luxurious apartment and also turns out to be attending his classes at college. Song-yi is an obnoxious, entitled attention seeker, someone who became a top star in her teens and never learned how to live a normal life. Min-joon finds out that Song-yi looks like the young girl he fell in love with in the Joseon era. He tries to keep himself away from her, as he needs to leave the planet.

Talking with two girls who were discussing
Han Yoo-ra's death

However, Song-yi gets entangled in the dangerous game of Lee Jae-kyung, the elder brother of Hui-kyung, who has been her friend since middle school and is in love with her. As Jae-kyung tries to silence Song-yi, Min-joon finds himself saving her multiple times and eventually the neighbors fall for each other. But Jae-kyung turns out to be much more dangerous than Min-joon suspected and he mysteriously also starts to lose control over his superpowers, making his only friend and confidant, Lawyer Jang worried about his life and his decision regarding his return to his home planet, his star.

Review Time!!
 I stayed up watching the first four episodes that aired in this series. The chemistry between Song Yi and Min Joon was sooo cute and perfect! May as well be on my top OTP list (if I had one)... 
 Se Mi, for so long, is a bitch that you're bound to hate, but you know that she's got some importance. I pitied Song Yi when Se Mi 'rose.' And her mom? Just... the lady who practically always wear fur products (seriously, what is up with this in so many kdramas??)I love Song Yi's high school brother and her man-crazy friend (literally, her hair flies whenever some hot guy enters)
Oh, yeah, and what's it called when you fall in love with a killer? (No, it's definitely not Stockholm Syndrome..)

This drama poses great interest to just about anyone (it's like the producers included everything in here!!)

Grade: A++
One of the best that I've seen :)

Cast: (source Wikipedia)

Main characters

  • Jun Ji-hyun ... Cheon Song-yi, a top Hallyu star who is very blunt and believes that she is every man's type, until she meets her stoic neighbor, Do Min-joon. She soon develops feelings for him and tries to make him fall for her.
  • Kim Soo-hyun ... Do Min-joon, a very cold and distant being, he loved a girl who lived during the Joseon Dynasty for liking him as his true self, an alien. After the girl dies saving him, he waits to return home. Living a lonely and isolated life for centuries, he one day meets Chon Song-yi, a girl looking exactly like the one he loved 400 years ago.
  • Park Hae-jin ... Lee Hwi-kyung, Song-yi's childhood friend who has an unrequited love for her. He believes one day she will love him, but decides to back down for a while, supporting her through thick and thin as a true friend.
  • Yoo In-na ... Yoo Se-mi, a girl Song-yi saw as a friend. Underneath her sweet smile, she is actually very envious of Song-yi and has had a crush on Hwi-kyung for a long time. She later becomes famous after Song-yi's fall from the entertainment industry.

Supporting characters

  • Shin Sung-rok ... Lee Jae-kyung: Hwi-kyung's older brother, the heir of S&C Group. The main antagonist of the series, seeking to silence Song-yi for a secret she knows about him.
  • Kim Chang-wan ... Jang Young-mok: Min-joon's lawyer. When he was young, He was saved by Min-joon from a suicide attempt and found out about his identity. He has been a loyal friend of him ever since.
  • Ahn Jae-hyun ... Cheon Yoon-jae: Song-yi's younger brother, who first disapproves of her relationship with the neighbour but grows to like Min-joon because of their shared interest in astronomy.

  • Na Young-hee ... Yang Mi-yeon: Song-yi's mother
  • Oh Sang-jin ... Yoo Seok: Se-mi's older brother, a young and enthusiastic prosecutor looking into the Han Yoo Ra case. He gets to know about Do Min-joon's real identity.
  • Kim Hee-won ... Park Byung-hee: detective, who works together with Yoo Seok on the case of Han Yoo Ra. Knows about Do Min-joon's identity.
  • Jo Hee-bong ... President Ahn: CEO of Song-yi's talent agency
  • Kim Kang-hyun ... Yoon Beom: Song-yi's manager
  • Kim Bo-mi ... Min-ah: Song-yi's stylist
  • Lee Jung-gil ... Lee Beom-joong:Hwi-kyung's father, the chairman of S&C Group
  • Lee Il-hwa ... Han Sun-young: Se-mi's mother
  • Sung Byung-sook ... Hong Eun-ah: Hwi-kyung's mother
  • Uhm Hyo-seop ... Cheon Min-goo: Song-yi's father
  • Lee Yi-kyung ... Lee Jae-kyung's secretary
  • Jo Se-ho ... Chul-soo: comic book store customer/unemployed neighbor 1
  • Nam Chang-hee ... Hyuk: comic book store customer/unemployed neighbor 2
  • Hong Jin-kyung ... President Hong: Cheon Song-yi's old friend
  • Jo Seung-hyun ... young Lee Hwi-kyung
  • Kim Hyeon-soo ... young Cheon Song-yi
  • Kim Hye-won ... young Yoo Se-mi
  • Jeon Jin-seo ... young Cheon Yoon-jae

Guest/cameo appearances

  • Yoo In-young ... Han Yoo-ra (ep 2~4)
  • Yoo Jun-sang ... Mr. Yoo (ep 2~3)
  • Serri ... junior actress 1 (ep 3)
  • Subin ... junior actress 2 (ep 3)
  • Jang Hang-joon ... director (ep 4)
  • Park Jeong-ah ... Noh Seo-young (ep 4)
  • Son Eun-seo ... kisaeng (ep 4)
  • Kim Su-ro ... Lee Hyung-wook (ep 5)
  • Jung Eun-pyo ... Yoon Sung-dong (ep 6) / Yoon Sung-dong's descendant (ep 12)
  • Park Yeong-gyu ... Heo Jun (ep 11)
  • Bae Suzy ... Go Hye-mi (ep 17)
  • Yeon Woo-jin ... Lee Han-kyung (ep 18)
  • Ryu Seung-ryong ... Heo Gyun (ep 19)
  • Sandara Park ... top actress (ep 21)