Monday, February 17, 2014

He Is My Master

He Is My Master
12 episodes
Genres: Ecchi, Friendship??, Possession-ish, Family Problems, Fan Service

About what happened to Izumi and Mitsuki after they ran away from home... because of fighting with parents (applies to only Izumi ), freedom, and perhaps, because of their too-big-for-the-house pet alligator. One day, they walk past a huge mansion who is hiring maids-- seeing the mansion as a lodging place, and a job, the two sisters decide to apply. 

First of all, let's check out our characters' personalities:
  Izumi, our main fucking character~~ I couldn't stand her throughout the series and was cheering whenever she was stressed, "embarrassed" , and too gullible. She seems to act tough and mighty and will do anything for her family~ rather, her weakness is her family. She was such a bitch.. nagging at her master and complaining-- can't believe she wasn't fired, but just yelled at.

Then there's the master: the sole heir to his parents' inheritance, Yoshitaka (last name)... In the eyes of average people, he's just a pervert. However, I've seen a ton of stuff, so he's not even close to the biggest pervert in my book. Anyway, I felt that this guy is too weak --- yeah, it's nice to give orders, but he's not giving enough orders to anybody. But, congratulations, on being undetected with those hidden cams :) :)

Didn't we all sense that it would be a 
MasterXMaid story??

Pretty much with all of these cast members.... EVERYONE HAS A WEAKNESS!!

Overall, I was really bored. The blurb is interesting, but the story's too slow. I absolutely hated the main girl, but I understand her insecurity about her -boobs.- The whole anime was like a sandwich--- more and more things were being added into the story... which made it a little confusing and MORE TO THINK ON!!! ARGGH!! 

It's not the worst anime in history.. it just had too many weaklings and scared people. The script is okay, the voice actors are great, but the storyline and flow just doesn't feel together... I 'm not sure if I was supposed to believe that this could happen in real life, but.. no. Sorry, whatever animation company made this, I am going to have to step all over this piece of crapshit. 

The Sentence? WHY AM I WEARING... THIS???!! 
**I'd rather see this as a hentai... sorry, but that's the only 'temptation' I got..

Rating: 4/10 
Skip over this and find a similar story~~

5 Volumes, 20 Chapters in all

The anime is nearly identical to the manga, which can be read in a few hours. Books, children! Go grab them!


Preferred Sequence: Manga and close up with last three or four eps