Thursday, March 13, 2014

So, I Can't Play H?

Genres: Ecchi, Action, Romance, 
12 episodes
*Contains exposed feminine parts (unless censored... with bars)

About: Ryosuke Kaga is the biggest pervert in his high school; he is also known as "Erosuke."
One day, he sees a girl soaking in the rain. After taking her into his home for shelter, he later learns that she is from Grimwald, a world of Death Gods (Grim Reapers) and is an elite daughter under a powerful family. Lisara Restall tells him that she is looking for "a very powerful man" who is said to have a lot of life energy and in his high school; she wants to ensure that The One does not be of an enemy's possession. So, she and him end up contracting which allows Lisara to use Ryosuke's life energy to restore herself. He discovers that his source for his energy is his perverseness. What adventures will these two encounter? What does Lisara learn while she's on Earth with Ryosuke?

  I really liked this anime. The spells that are cast are repeated, but when you see the spell again, you know what action will be done. .. (Harry Potter, anyone?) I love the leads for this story and the mothers~ yay, now you can actually like the parents! Both were funny.. In a way. .
  Character design was great, animation is swift , and the script -- Lisara, Ryo, and Quelle are the best characters in this one, in my humble opinion. ♦
  •distracting 'censorship' (on some sites)
  •Ryosuke's childhood friend who has developed big breasts and wears glasses... Reminds me of someone from another anime
  •the 'monsters' look like giant, gray gumdrops (or giant bugs) with neon green computer-chip eyes.

If you're looking for latex-clad ladies and funny perverted actions, may as well try this one out.
--> grade: B/C-

Manga Series
28 Chapters

Considering that there are fight scenes that are more thrilling to watch than read, the manga is laden with a script on every page. From the very start of any conversation to short spells, reading becomes a chore. Plot development is prolonged compared to watching the animated series.
perhaps if watching the anime is an inconvenience, then the manga would be the next best thing to cover this series.