Thursday, March 20, 2014


Proceeded by: R-15 OVA (I haven't seen this!)
12 epsx24 mins

Ecchi, Slice of Life, Comedy
a b o u t:  Taketo Akutagawa is a novelist prodigy. . . of erotica. He attends a school for geniuses, Inspiration Academy Private High School. Seen negatively by practically everyone, he still has the goals of being at the top of his class(es) and to be recognized as the world's greatest writer. But, of course, goals usually have obstacles, so what's going to be in his way and how will his mind full of ideas for ero stories help him in his school life?

Sparkly shizzle coming up! I     l o v e d this series because of the ero-writer prodigy, Taketo , who is our main character. Even though he is obviously inspired from his pervertedness and actions of his female peers, everyone around him learns something from or about him. Any bitches? Perhaps two~ an evil artist/sculptor (guess what she uses!!) and this girl who's hated him from the start...

  There is a censored and uncensored version of this series-- honestly, I think the censorship lines (yes, we've definitely sensed this coming) are more attractive than the real stuff itself. "St-st-stuff?"
Find out what Taketo's cure for this cute little math genius' blushing at 'ordinary perv words' is in the series!!

Aw, it's our little math genius who suddenly becomes temporarily aroused at such "ordinary perv words"... my favorite character (to be honest, he's kind of like me, but I'm not that sensitive like him. . . ) Actually, never mind. . . uncensored is way too much to handle-- go for the censored one, for safety, I guess.. .just go for it.

Funny, friendship themes, and love-hate relations between characters. May be too much for some viewers. Caution before viewing, but still, it's one if my fave series!!

Rating: 7-8/10

top tens of the best and worst - includes a clip and  commentary which is very enjoyable. The channel name is Misty Chronexia. This series, R-15 was on his "Most Indecent Animes.. EVER?" list ~
His channel: on YouTube ;)