Friday, January 27, 2017

Faking It and Food is Good with Many

I've more acquaintances than friends; it's not the time for me to instantly deem you as one..

I planned to take pictures of foods from my French class' annual Food Day; regardless, j'ai porté la pistou soupe-en lieu de pistou, j'utilise le pesto. C'est une simple recette, mais elle deguste trop simple que je ne la sais pas même pourquoi il existe ! La dernière semaine, nous avons apprene les negatifs comme "Il n'est ni juste ni intelligent" ou "Je n'ai aucune idée!" J'ai peur que je n'ai pas recu de bonne note. 😱
Aujourd'hui, dans la cuisine, il y a des croissants, des petits éclairs, du fromage(du Brie, du camembert, du gouda), un baguette (personne ne le mange), des boissons (de la limonade, du jus de l'orange, les boissons américains), du mousse au chocolat, du jambalaya, du riz créole, des macarons, des profiteroles (cream puffs), des raisons, du gratin dauphinois, et finalement, ma simple soupe. Selon moi, il y a eu trop de desserts, mais j'adore spécialement les profiteroles parce que.. la crème. Je n'ai mangé que les profiteroles, la soupe, et des raisons. Aussi, j'ai bu la limonade. **J'espère améliorer mes histoires dans le français..

Faking It S2
2014 MTV

Amy and Karma are outed as frauds (Amy admits that she's confused about her sexuality) and ride a rollercoaster following several conflicts that test their bounded friendship. Liam takes bold actions as an heir to Kwerkle Co and Shane is still selfish. Lauren reveals a game-changing life-long secret.

Faking It tackles the emotional spectrum of teenagers' lives and nearing the end of it, I do have some takeaways from this season:

  • People can change, but fear is lingering. Did your ex really change for the better? (relationships- haven't entered that realm yet and nowadays, time is so tight that I got an afternoon music practice and lessons and more tomorrow)
  • Don't drink and drive; borrowing your dad's car is great, but it better come home like it was.
  • Do what feels right- in most situations.
  • Open up on occasion, even if it's right after a horrendous doing

The characters are not wallpaper stickers (?). Amy has vibes thatare effervescent of Amanda Bynes and, though her films became formuliac, you can't help but wish that there was a girl like her hanging around. The characters have their own colors (and in the series, reconcile by showing their true colors) and even without a broadly-applied base for jokes, the characters speak for themselves. Because he wanted to bring her down, because she was still recuperating with a break-up, because she's still confused about herself, these characters are, as teenagers are, high on emotions and I admire that Hester students are more expressive and fluttery than I've encountered in typical high school students. I guess I 'm a little guilty for bottling up my ideas.. and emotions (?)

Hester High School- with the crowd that's getting limelight and the life that best friends Amy and Karma have lived out, I'd actually consider going just for the fun of it. With guest stars such as Fifth Harmony (before Camila left) and Pretty Little Liar's Lindsey Shaw, cameos are low-key fitting.
Episode sequencing, along with 20minute episode length- it runs like the days that go by. I find this day-to-day sequencing evident like adolescent minds: brushing off past events, anticipating the future, good mornings are the best,

we're all rushing and, given your environment, our minds are elsewhere outside the school boundaries. (Lauren even calls out the show's bare focus on any classroom scenes) This season, get ready for plenty of kiss scenes
misunderstandings, and 'I didn't tell you because it would hurt you' rites. Even with several cliche/predictable events, the series holds true to exploring the ins and outs of adolescence.

Ability to be Binged8
Theme Song/ Animation is Present4
Personalities Differ Among Characters8
Alternating Viewpoints/ Camera Work7
Nice! There's Character Development6
Title 7
Suspense/ Surprise5
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