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Hannibal S2


What happened to my freetime like the good ol' days..
Hannibal S2
2014 NBC
Psychological Thriller

Will Graham is sentenced to a hospital for the Criminally Insane, after being convicted of being the Copycat Killer. He questions his innocence, while his encephalitis overtakes him into believing that he is a killer. All the while, the FBI investigate numerous murders, introducing sadists, like Mason Verger. And worst of all, why , Alana? just why? 

I made it a companion objective to finally finish reading Thomas Harris' Red Dragon and watch the film. How great is it to check off your goals!

Let's start with aesthetics and production value. The series camerawork and lighting and music is brilliantly used. Imitating water/sounds of nature to wrap around Will's escape from his cluttered mind, a timelapse cut scene in most episodes, and of course, dim houses and tubelights signifying 'examination up close' (microscopes have lights). There is an episode that advises against 'bright lights that could lead to a seizure,' so if you really have epilepsy or of the like, and watching on a TV screen, please take precautions.
  With new characters comes a line of new faces and their looks. From an array of personified hairdos to bold lipstick to coats, these characters could not go unnoticed or overlooked. Okay, I find the introduced actors and actresses this season of, I don't know, European beauty. And, like Season One, superb acting from everyone.

strangled by
hugh dancy?!
Speaking of characters, Mason Verger is from Thomas Harris' creation. The only novel I've read of his was Red Dragon, so Verger did not ring a bell when he was first seen this season. But his..purpose as a character and his uncanny, sadistic nature is disturbingly intriguing. His character reminds me of the dark atmosphere of the series and he's making jokes and laughing and I'm just sitting there, wondering if I should be calling him inconsiderate or acknowledge his profound sense of humor, whatever that may be. So, he enjoys drinking martinis and collecting people's tears (that go into the martini?!) and Michael Pitt's cackles/maniacal laughter is impeccable. And that psychedelic trip in Episode 12? Made me in awe and appalled.
I enjoyed the presence (or beloved presence) of several characters this season: Dr. Chilton, Beverly Katz (Hetienne Park, yes to any Asian on English shows!), and might be feelin' a little something for Mason Verger. I'm gonna throw this in as a sidenote: on Fredricka "Freddie" Lounds, the female tabloid reporter. She's nosy, brash, demanding, and seems like the character you're expected to dislike at first. Watching her this season, I found her purpose, her role in Baltimore. Maybe it wasn't an epiphany, but suddenly, I feel more appreciative of her self-entity.

 I'll close up with Hannibal, why he ain't incarcerated yet. It's one of the things that pisses me off the most about this series, but if you're just anticipating Hannibal's arrest, you shallow. But, what is it about him, about the air past his stride that flirts with authority or mesmerizes his colleagues and anybody else? Seriously, Hannibal, what is this art that you are?
  With the series being a 'prequel' (it seems), the show has many, many directions to go in, as long as the destination is of an event that is seen in "an adaptation set at a significant, later time."  In Red Dragon, Will consults a jailed Lecter to catch "The Tooth Fairy Killer." So, what could be the focus of the TV series? I admire Bryan Fuller's decision to present Dr. Lecter as a psychiatrist, with an underhanded killer mask and allowing the viewer to see what Graham sees (those stags..oh, man!), it's very eye-opening into mental illness and that, you could be overtaking yourself, unknowingly. Along with other great techniques and elements, the characters are shaped with self-thinking capabilities. So what if they're psychiatrists, FBI agents, living in Baltimore.. to argue one's stance, who's guilty and who's not, that leads to audience participation!
This season, there's doubt, torn-between-sides, realizations, reluctance (to believe the truth), campaigners, the easygoing, the impulsive thinkers, etc. To have a realistic element elevates the show's value of understanding ethics, contemporary hot topics/setting, or even, swaying viewers to alter their thinking.
Get away with Season One and the films/books, but I enjoyed most of the Season Two episodes:

Preferred Watching Sequence (PWS) : 1-6, 9, 10, 12, 13

Ability to be Binged6
Theme Song/ Animation is Present6
Personalities Differ Among Characters6
Alternating Viewpoints/ Camera Work9
Nice! There's Character Development6
Title 6
Suspense/ Surprise6

Living: This year to get more organized, Imma prioritize with the categories: Social Life, Edu, Extracurrics, Music Practice, Playlists, Health/Fitness, Meals for the Week. Seven classes every day for five days. Seven hours in a coldass building (if you're in a groundlevel classroom), I haven't found good company, I haven't passed a math quiz yet (and the first test is this week..), I sacrificed my opportune naps.. to study. Thanks, Mom.
  Yet, I can keep up by the date. I can easily navigate about the school. I can walk outside if I want to (sadly, I only got two chances to do that, any day). I can drink out of a tumbler. I can volunteer an answer and learn from my mistakes (LIFE'S MISTAKES ARE DIFFERENT FROM SCHOLASTIC MISTAKES!) And I can hardcore study and be proud of all that new knowledge, self-sufficiency, and a sweet grade. 

Maybe it's not gonna be big news, but at the moment, it was something I've been looking forward to for a few years. And I got my results back a few days ago and I don't know what's gonna happen. I took an exam (writing, speaking, and multiple-choice) for French proficiency at x level. While I was enrolled in a class the year before, I decided to check out the next level curriculum and started reading to practice the concepts. I registered to take the tests and summer hit. Binge-studying? Prior to, I roughly scheduled what I should practice each day. No day was a full-on Rest Day, but hey, I had been reading and learning the stuff for the past year or so. I took the tests and two months later, got the transcript. I passed and almost got an A, but that wasn't what I was gleaming about at first. To think how constant studying+practicing could pay off! (now, please, why can't that happen to me in math at the moment?) Benefits of passing, as I imagined, would either bump me up to a different class or sub for a class that was part of graduation requirements, therefore, making my class selections a tad easier. I am trying to be less fixed on the future, but I tend to be affixed anyway. According to such calculations, I would need an extra semester to 'get three endorsements,' that I realized, would be a win for the district, but not so much myself.. I don't know. Anyway, I'm expecting a modified schedule soon, but I thought of asking my counselor what happens next. But if math is gonna be the first thing in the morning....Pas cette année,  s'il vous plaît! 

I'm proud of such a chapter. Whether you have dignity or not, anybody can gleam at themselves, their devoted studies (that leads to a flop or flying colors), their appreciation of their kindled spirit, their spontaneity, their talents. Find yourself enchanting.

Stay hydrated at this hour, my friends. Drinking a cup of water (if you're not bloated), before you sleep, i find that your eyes look less fatigued over the course of time. Consider it! :)

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