Monday, October 10, 2016

The Odd Couple and Being Devoid of Social Viability

I've been thinking too much 'bout it all...

I don't want to become a self-loathing, downcast soul. I'm not in the dumps as of late. Short one A, but I'm pulling through by managing my day with daily to-do lists. With a month till my upcoming birthday, I've let go of the constant fantasies and am trying to grab hold of Reality's reins. Reality kills; what fate, if you believe in the idea, to be unknowingly idle amidst the running waters of time.
Do you know what power you have when you take control of your life; you make it all happen?

Anyone can do oral, regardlesso of "performance," but why the laws surrounding the nether regions? No shame if you wanna fuck early, but waiting till a few weeks after reaching the age of consent, wherever you are, will do you less harm. There are some choices that you can postpone; however, making decisions and never looking on, that's not a risk or a bold move- it's out of foolishness and despair. ((Agree to disagree?))

Alright, it's been a month! Look at what time I've lost; look at the math that I'm messin' up with.. look at the hours I've spent with edu thus far. I had no foundation for time management, so I've been restlessly working (okay, I still get in a couple naps a week). 
**Freshmen Advice is planned to be churned out by the end of October.. I know, it's a little too late for the High School Noobs to be reading by then

I will save the 1968 film when I begin Season 2.

The Odd Couple S1                      The Odd Couple S1
 1970 ABC                                      2014 CBS
 24x25 mins                                   12x20 mins

Felix Unger and Oscar Madison become roommates after their divorces. However, these two are polar opposites: meticulous, classical music enthousiast, Felix and womanizing, messy Oscar. Tony Randall/Thomas Lennon and Jack Klugman/Matthew Perry star as Felix and Oscar, respectively.

For starters, both series take a couple of episodes to have a liking for, so Preferred Watching Sequence (PWS) is: Episode 6 and onward.  The 1970 main actors have a knack for being, living and breathing, their characters, ultimately, both were awarded with an Emmy. That being said, the acting is a marvel, but the script can be iffy at times. As for the CBS remake, Perry and Lennon have colliding personalities that puts 'childhood friends' out the door. 

Next,  who   likes  laugh  tracks? Guess what, they're in store for you in both versions! Except, laugh tracks and Chandler don't work anymore; in fact, besides the appalling stabs that Perry's Oscar Madison takes at sex, the laugh tracks are a bit much. And the sex jokes are really under-par. Even the most socially-awkward office guy could get some piffling laughs.

Finally, the men's women. Congrats,1970 Oscar, you got yourself a girlfriend by the end of the season and his buddy, Felix, wants to get back with his ex-wife, Gloria. And the 2014 reboot? I'll give it to Perry- you went on a couple dates, you showed your charm, but your ex-wife got back in bed?!  On the other end, Lennon's Felix can do yoga and he too made a lover out of a fawning girl.  

SWEATPANTS: 1970 The Odd Couple
Ability to be Binged5
Theme Song/ Animation is Present7
Personalities Differ Among Characters5.5
Alternating Viewpoints/ Camera Work6
Nice! There's Character Development2
Title 7
Suspense/ Surprise1

SWEATPANTS: 2014 The Odd Couple
Ability to be Binged4
Theme Song/ Animation is Present6
Personalities Differ Among Characters5
Alternating Viewpoints/ Camera Work5
Nice! There's Character Development4
Title 7
Suspense/ Surprise0

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