Thursday, March 23, 2017

Gorillaz and Looking Back

It's been three years since I had a bowl of ice cream. Today, I ended those three years of faire sans and had a Banana Split. It's invigorating when you discover a handful of unfamiliar music artists. The British group, Gorillaz, released a new album earlier this month and I am digging their techno vibes. I also got Frank Ocean's debut album, Channel Orange, on repeat and already, tons of goodness. Also keeping tabs on PartyNextDoor. This spring is the time to get out and explore: new shows, towns, genres. Seriously, unless you absolutely yearn to be a music enthusiast. Somebody tell me that contemporary composers pay homage to predecessors!

Seek more than improvement. Don't settle for 'enough.' Little goals add up to larger accomplishments, that may pay off in the long run.

I don't tell too many stories, but it's not about saturating the page with exact details- every thought, every scenic prop, precise time readings. Two objectives for storytelling: enthralling tale and audience captivation. The road ahead is bleak and if you're aspiring for anything, be sure to live to see it come true.

Do I prioritize? Don't mention it. Finally, I'll get around to Being Fresh Meat in High School: Freshman Advice. 

  1. Take care of yourself. Stay on top of your health; don't pull all-nighters this year. 
  2. Clean out your bag weekly. Keep a bin for papers... to be recycled.
  3. Join a club. Have some hobbies or sideline ventures. Study outside the classroom curriculum.
  4. Write down goals, priorities, dreams.. stories.
  5. Two ------ takes care of it. Workouts, music genres, acquaintances. 
  6. Practice streaks are motivating. Seeing several rows of colorful music notes on a calendar is something to smile at.
  7. Have a calendar. 
  8. Work to get a driver's permit (or license, depending on state laws)
  9. Don't feed off social medias. 
  10. Speak up in class- even ridiculous remarks will pass. 
  11. Try sleeping in class- just to know how it's like. But don't satisfy all your curiosities.
  12. If you comprehend the material, you'll be fine. 
  13. Read a couple of books. When you use your medulla oblongata... expand your vocabulary. 
  14. Lifestyle changes- only gradually. Changing diet, tri-weekly weight training, one step at a time. Or, be content with the least that you can do (e.g. "I can eat pork, but I will not consume gelatin." "I will be able to do five pull-ups.") 
  15. Say, "Good morning." Have basic manners, even if you are an asshole.
  16. You got guts to speak to upperclassmen, just so you know. Watch yourself around the vets. And, in the presence of, keep your chitchat low.
  17. Start being self-aware. Public image, how self-controlled you are, know when you're afraid, have a sense of your beliefs (but remember that these beliefs can evolve over time).
  18. Establish your taste... Listen or read an assortment of genres, talk with a couple mates, play a few pieces to figure out what you like.
  19. Spend some time outside. Bike every weekend, find a way to walk outside on your way to classes, meditate (I practiced violin outside sometimes)... Vie for at least 20 minutes every day.
  20. Know how to leave toxicity. Maybe the conversation topics are uneasy or somebody's ganging up on you, there is a way out. An extended note, have options at lunchtime; same-old, same-old or change it up sometimes, okay? 
  21. Keep dreaming. 
  22. Think for yourself. You don't have to take that Physics class that everyone else says they're going to enroll in. Go take that Art History course you wanted. 
  23. Everything's gonna work out. <I don't want to alarm fellas with anxiety>
What advice do you wish you had entering high school, university, etc? Comment below! 
Look out,