Saturday, May 13, 2017

Salvaging Relationships Plus Nine Boys?!

 Grabbed a ton of mags today and I miss reading my nonfiction. Been rewiring my day-to-day activities lately. And I'm skimming.. prescribed adapalene is not for eczema, so I set myself up for a prolonged healing time. This is for the hell of it...
Shh, I've been..cruising and taking the hits. :(

Plus Nine Boys:
2014 tvN
Romance, Comedy
Four brothers aged 9, 19, 29, and 39, are in for an unfortunate year, said a fortuneteller whom their mother visited. 

This is not entirely comedic at all. In fact, the comedy of the first three episodes transcends into a typical romance novel. Yet, Plus Nine Boys combines warm-hearted moments with the agonies of untimely misunderstandings. Don't worry, no need to suffer from love triangles, 

Preferred Watching Sequence: 1-5, 7-9, 11-14

The brothers have similar struggles with relationships (yes, the nine-year-old keeps it on the down low, to his girlfriend's dismay), yet the presentations convey different atmospheres.
Lighting laced in a bright, dazy camera lighting. The characters are quite expressive- the brothers' personalities ranging from a flower boy player to a bachelor who's nearing his 40s. As for the female characters, the love interests of a few of the brothers do not comprehend the idea of a possible relationship until formidable introductions (Ludacris, among others, could go off about how 'that's s'posed to be you, girl!')
Four stories, yet the audience can't help but criticize or support the boys. @se young, this is why you take advantage of pre-established history with someone else- look at how late you were. There is some advice that runs the mouths of many 'friend' characters in countless Asian dramas: (s)he's not worth your time,don't marry, monitor your actions, go tell her. Seriously, these friends knew what would happen.
The music is perfect for each moment. Thematic in composition and easily blends with Western ballads. Choppy editing per episode, but the 360 scenes halfheartedly compensate for that. On the plus side, the script is very conversational, so imagine how many Korean survival phrases are in this series!
Rating: 6.8
About a Boy S2
14x20 mins
Recently, I saw the 1999 adaptation of Nick Hornby's novel, which I have yet to read. Based off the carefree, 'immature' Will Freeman and several other characters, the NBC adaptation did not peak in renownedness. After all, the series ended up being cancelled without ever airing the second season, as intended.

As a reminder, this is a TV series based off characters in the 1999 movie. Hugh Grant and David Walton portray two differing Will Freemans- a carefree, unloved womanizer and a charismatic caretaker/playboy.

Will makes more sexist jokes and is still an egoist. Marcus is barely breaking out of his cleancut schoolboy shell as a rebellious preteen; somehow, gets the role of being his girlfriend's manservant. Meanwhile, Fiona (Minnie Driver) gets back in the dating pool. 

Episodes alternate between Will, Marcus, and additionally, Fiona. The characters' explorations of new types of relationships contributes to personal development as adults and kid.
Being an NBC show in the 2010s, there isn't any fresh comedy. In fact, humor is out of focus; a mess, really.

Rating:6.4 Man, just get weary with NBC comedies in 2010s, will ya?

Innocent Lilies & Innocent Lilies 2 (Japanese Idol Drama-take note)
Only the wounded can save the world- that's the motto of the White Witch Academy that recruits pure girls and pins them against each other to become the White Witch. Meanwhile, protagonist Moga seems to have a special ability: bearing everyone else's wounds.

Despite having a Madoka Magica Puella..  vibe,
First season: best you skip over a shakily filmed humanized anime versio, CGI battles
Second Season: latex-clad Black Witches, Winx Club effects, girl group Dempagumi sings, girlpower?

Overall Rating: 6

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