Saturday, February 27, 2016

Misfits and a small tale

"I wanna fuck your brains out!"
          -Christmas Special

Misfits S2
7 Eps (45 mins each) 
2010 E4 

This season, the gang learns to cherish their given powers and everyone's gettin' cozy. 

Script pertains to each character and out spurs questionable actions, smacktalk, and dug up a few graves in our heartstrings. With more sex and the presence of money, their lives could not get any more worse. Each episode introduces a villain that is purely infatuated with the idea or one who possesses a superpower. Not the greatest episodes, so the suggested starting point is Episode Three or Four. 

As the characters were teenagers in the first season, the space for maturity is fulfilled. Putting selfishness and personal gain aside, the gang is loyal and supportive, while adjusting to others' needs. See, Nathan, now you got a chick that's stayed by your side for a decent period of time! Anybody else been hoping for all the best for the fella? 

Speaking of, sexual tension and intimate moments are everywhere. Episode Five - highly regarded. Detail of establishing new characters is extremely articulated by the TV production team and I applaud that. To show, in the Christmas Special, a young preacher-pastor discovers an underground powers trader and he purchases these powers to gain a cult and donations to upgrade. The evolution from a simple, underspoken man to a lustful, power-hungry suit-and-tie guy; pretty sure the whole episode was mocking religion and politics at the same time.

PWS (preferred watching sequence) : Ep 3-7

Ability to be Binged7
Theme Song/ Animation is Present6
Personalities Differ Among Characters8
Alternating Viewpoints/ Camera Work7
Nice! There's Character Development7
Title 8
Suspense/ Surprise6

To close off, tonight, a small milestone in my life. Heh, we were so not "in the moment." Not to the nearest detail, I hope.

It happened today, on Friday, February 26, 2016. I stepped onto the bus to head home and I sat with a friend, who lived fairly close and had the same bus stop (unlike me, in the recent mornings, he's never been running late). Opening up with a quick "How was your day?," we eased into a three-minute conversation about standing out to universities; for the semester, both of us were above 4.0/5 possible. We shared goals for the end of the year and then, I warned him, "What I'm gonna say now is gonna be in the past. Like that. And that." He nodded and told me to take a deep breath. The day before, I thought about a scenario-
I asked for his permission for me to kiss him and, for the most part, he'd agree, but I could care less about a refusal. Basically, I threw in the different options if Y happened instead of X. I repeated the scenario with different outcomes, dialogue, and verbal stints. Then, I asked the question:
"If I asked you to kiss me, would you?" He pursed his lips a bit and agreed to the question. Then he asked about where I would like the kiss to happen - on the bus, outside, somebody's house. I was trying to figure out what date he was implying -today, next week? I decided to go with "outside, even though the bus rules ask that your hands be to yourself, we could butt heads, but there are people behind us." Jumping between when to have a picnic with friends, April Fools/pranks, and "blabbing about my scenario," I wasn't sure if I lost respect or became enthralled by how common our lives were (friendships, porn, and first kiss? I still kinda think he's lying about not having kissed anyone). Before the bus pulled to a stop, I asked how open he was to such gestures. I said, "Surprise me only after the first one' *laugh, laugh, laugh, laugh, laugh" and he agreed, to a great extent. "Since this year is a leap year, there's only one day out of the hear to get your shit together. If we are to do it, it should be on a Friday, since it signals the weekend, or before the end of February." He agreed, with slight head bobbing. After getting off the stop, one of my girl friends walked with us and he and I couldn't stop grimacing at each other. He wanted to have personal space with me, I guess. The girl kept walking, for her house was farther than mine and we were at a corner.

  I can't remember what we were talking about, but I walked a bit with him. Something, something, something. I asked, "So, should I just grab your head or something?" He shrugged?... I grabbed his thick, curly hair and the coarse facial hairs.. how do women like stubble? My hand was glued to his right cheek and, from what it seemed, his neck was craned and I didn't rise on my toes that much. I think I poured or slightly puckered (hate that word) my lips and ohmagod, it was like pressing two slices of bread with fillings together. I felt a less-than-mild salivary fluid from his inner lips and, with my hand still on bis shoulder and face, pulled my head back, in a parallel. We exchanged email addresses because I got no phone service anymore (let alone a phone itself!). We turned our backs and walked home for a thirty-second distance.

Five hours later, I read within a site, about thirty articles on "sexy traits, things guys/girls do that turn xx on, how to kiss a girl/guy, get a guy to kiss you.." I feared emotional attachment. I don't have a longing, after all, it was like a planted peck or a stamp.

So, maybe I, a girl, advanced a move or didn't make my first kiss passionate. I'm more youthful at heart than so-and-so. To truly "go for it," [hinting at anything you want to do!], find and gain honest or open-minded acquaintances or be confident with your skills(s). 
Better yet, learn how to talk to strangers, acquaint yourself with your friends' friends, flirt during conversation (I think my male friend and I have been sending subliminal messages through conversation all year.. I better ask).

No regrets or take all chances.
Good night and happy endeavors.